OH HELLO – it’s me! allow me to introduce myself…

hi world, it’s me, the face behind olive + mint photography. please know how much it means to me that you’re on my website and considering me to be a part of your next event or milestone :)

<— btw, thx to sarah patarini photography for the headshot.


HI. my name is tiana (tee-ah-na) + i'm a portrait + couples/elopement photographer in the Maryland / Pennsylvania area. me in a nutshell? i love to create, i love people, and i love documenting stories that matter most –– your story inspires me and, if allowed the opportunity, i’d love to follow you around with my camera or be your certified “third wheel”…whatever it takes to bring your creative vision to life.


capturing HONEST EMOTION is the name of the game – that only happens when you feel 100% comfortable around your photographer. so i hope that you look at this as something much more than just hiring a random person to snap some pics then leave. i hope that you’re open to a genuine friendship. i want to be truly and genuinely invested in your story…because only then will i be able to portray it in the manner it deserves.

AND you SHOULD kNOW: I’M not your typical photographer.

i know that this sentence may sound weird, but i HATE when photographers are so busy being “professional” that they forget to be themselves. i’m all about candid moments and that happens when you’re in the moment, being genuine, and being real. that’s why a session with me includes impromptu dance sessions, weird and funny prompts, and corny jokes (courtesy of yours truly) to hopefully make you laugh.

fun facts

when i'm not documenting your story or scrolling through instagram, you can find me watching Hallmark Christmas movies, slowly acclimating to black coffee (well, trying to), and adding things to my Amazon shopping cart (aaaaaaaand then promptly deleting them later). i also firmly believe that:

  • waffles are superior to pancakes

  • it’s “CAR-MEL”, not “care-a-mell”

  • …and Ross and Rachel were not on a break.