Maryland + Pennsylvania photographer, delighting in Jesus & oat milk.

HI. My name is Tiana (tee-ah-na) + I'm a portrait + couples/elopement photographer in the Maryland / Pennsylvania area. I love to create, I love people, and I love documenting stories that matter most – your story inspires me and, if allowed the opportunity, I’d love to follow you around with my camera and be your certified “third wheel”. 

When I'm not documenting your story or scrolling through Instagram, you can find me watching Hallmark Christmas movies (yes, even in the summer), slowly acclimating to black coffee (well, trying to), and adding things to my Amazon shopping cart (aaaaaaaand then promptly deleting them later). I also firmly believe the following: 

  • Waffles are and always will be superior to pancakes
  • It’s pronounced “CAR-MEL”, not “care-a-mell” 
  • Pepsi > Coca-Cola
  • …and Ross and Rachel were not on a break.

My Philosophy


So many photographers focus on their followers, their vision, their portfolio. I want to make sure the focus stays on you and your story.
(Photo credit: Sarah Patarini Photography)

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Sarah & Zach

“Tiana was the perfect photographer for my wedding!! She captured our wedding story so well and so creatively! One of the things I love the most about Tiana's work is her creativity and ability to think outside of the box! Tiana makes taking portraits SO fun and SO comfortable! I would recommend her to anyone! ”

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