↠ olive + mint photography.


photography made with love (& lots of coffee).
chasing real / authentic / unique moments.
available for & always wanting to travel.



fancy meeting you here.


first things first, my name is tiana & i'm delighted that you've made your way to my website. i'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer, obsessed with and inspired by your story. my goal is to create images that speak to you and your loved one(s). please feel free to peruse through my portfolio and blog for samples of my work. 

when i'm not documenting your story or scrolling through instagram, you can find me watching Riverdale, slowly acclimating to black coffee, or adding things to my Amazon shopping cart (and then deleting them later). currently, i'm based out of central Maryland but 100% willing to and available for travel. i'd love to work with you! let's grab coffee? 



so...coffee soon?

...i think this is the start of a great relationship.

if you agree, please use the prompts below to tell me a bit about yourself
& i'll be sure to contact you in a timely fashion!