Let me just say that I loved how these photos turned out so much that they almost because MY phone background.

The two main things that you need to know about this elopement:

  1. Galavanting around Baltimore for five hours straight, exploring the city and the scenery it has to offer, was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had on a wedding day.
  2. Getting to witness their love for one another had me me tearing up not once, not twice, but ALL. DARN. DAY.

I have so much respect for these two because their day was authentic to their unique love story. While wedding traditions are always fun to witness and participate in, it's important to ensure that the meaning of your wedding day doesn't get lost in the midst of the production. Sarah and Zach's elopement was intimate in nature, including a small group of family and friends, and allowed them to focus on their faith, one another, and the commitment they were entering into.

From the small, heartfelt moments – Sarah reading the vow journal that Zach had secretly been writing in each day from the moment they got engaged – to the celebratory pie and conversation that sprouted after the nuptials, this day was one to behold...and I feel so honored to have been chosen as their photographer. #RingAroundTheRamey